Welcome to The Camera Challenge. In each Episode we take a camera, a film, a lens or a piece of imaging equipment and learn all we can about it in a week. We answer the only two questions which matter:

“Is it fun to use?”


“Do I like the images?”

We’ll be covering the very latest digital equipment, ancient eBay and charity shop finds, out of date film bargains, instant photographs and smart phone accessories. If it creates images we’ll set a challenge to use it.

Unlike many photography and camera reviewers we buy our own cameras and say what we think. If we get given cameras to try we’ll always tell you that, and we’ll still tell you exactly what we think of them. Integrity’s not something you can buy back once you’ve sold yourself.

All the photographs on this site were taken by us and are copyright the original photographer. We don’t copy other people’s work and we don’t reproduce it without credit.

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