Adventures in Photoshop #1

As my bio says, I’ve never used Photoshop. I have Photoshop. I’ve loaded up Photoshop on my Mac. I’ve looked at Photoshop. And then I’ve closed it down again.

Here’s the image which initially inspired me to open up Photoshop and keep it open to actually achieve something with it:

Creative Ink Splash - Photoshop Tutorial -

I decided to create something based upon it using a portrait of myself. I followed the full instructional video on a PC while I had my MacBook open in Photoshop. That stopped me having to keep swapping between browser and Photoshop. Here’s the Tutorials Junction tutorial by Dhruval I followed:

I had to overcome a certain amount of confusion with the Ctrl and Cmd keys, but, based on the tutorial, I created this using my own images:

David Sunset Silhouette - photograph (c) 2016 David Bailey (not the)

Here’s the original portrait with no adjustment:

David - photograph (c) 2016 David Bailey (not the)

And a couple of my sunset photographs taken directly from my blog The Hall of Einar about life on a remote Scottish island:

How did I find using Photoshop for my first ever project? Photoshop on the Mac is reassuringly similar to previous ancient photo editing software I’ve used on a PC. The tutorial was straightforward and the presenter was charming. A serious issue I’ll watch out for next time is the version of Photoshop being used. I’ve subscribed to the ‘Photography Package’ Adobe offers which gives the most recent version of Photoshop CC. An essential part of this YouTube tutorial was using the ‘Refine Edge’ tool which has been retired in my version of Photoshop. There’s now a ‘Refine Edge Brush’ in a different place. A quick search brought me a simple explanation of the update.

I appreciated the pace of the instruction and having the ability to download brushes for paint splatters was a great plus.

What about the resulting image? It’s great. I’ll accept that as a first adventure. Now to try something a little more advanced…

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