Adventures in Photoshop #2

I now have one Photoshop project under my belt (Adventures in Photoshop 1). I’ve been able to slavishly reproduce someone else’s idea using a tutorial and to anyone on the outside it looks as if I had a really creative idea. Now it’s time to learn some different techniques. I want to remove objects and substitute object in my photographs so I choose another tutorial. Here it is: how to replace someone’s eyes with those of a cat.

I found the tutorial from the awfully named SimpleHow2z relatively easy to use, although I had to refer to other tutorials on using ‘content aware’ tools to remove the stray thread on her top which was distracting. Here’s my final result:

Antonella with cat's eyes - The Camera Challenge - photograph (c) 2016 David Bailey (not the)

And here are the photographs I took and used to create it:

How do you think I did? Job done or back to Lesson 1?

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