Should you buy a Rogue Flashbender kit?

Rogue; what a great name for a company. Flashbender; what a great name for a suite of products. They’re great names, but are they any good and should you consider buying them?

I bought a Rogue Master Lighting Kit from Amazon and got what seemed to be a relatively small box for the price. The packaging is all very well designed and the Tardis-like blue box reveals piece after piece of equipment. So far so good. At first there seem to be a random assortment of strange contraptions with poppers and elastic bands galore. There are small wallets with neatly arranged coloured gels and white nylon material diffusers. It doesn’t take long to identify everything in the box and then get to work.

I’ve never done any studio photography before. I’ve never used multiple off-camera flashguns before. How easy will the Rogue Flashbender system be to use to allow me to capture my creative ideas?

Here’s my first shot, a portrait of Gabriel:

Gabriel - using the Rogue Flashbender system - Photograph by David Bailey (not the)

I set up two flashguns off-camera. One high and front, looking down at a very steep angle and one lower and from behind. I put the long snoot on the high front flash and the honeycomb on the low rear flash. The Rogue Flashbender products are so simple to attach and fit snugly and firmly. Nothing fell off, nothing was out of place and everything worked just as it should. It’s obvious how to attach everything and importantly you can do that in near darkness.

Here are the subsequent photographs I took of Evie:

What do you think?

I didn’t even use the coloured gels or the diffusion panels. I used the honeycomb grid to give a 16 degree angle of flash light. I could have chosen 25 or 45 degrees but wanted to limit the light to the back of the hair. On first look, it worked well. If I’d had more time it would have been good to play with the positioning of the flashguns and to try using three flashguns with different power output levels to see how the light changed the modelling of the face. I haven’t used Photoshop to enhance the images, simply converted them to black and white using Picasa.

Equipment used:

Nikon D300
Nikon SB-900 flash
Rogue Flashbender
Simple metal frame with black material backdrop.

In conclusion: The Rogue Flashbender accessories take up minimum room, are simple to attach and do their job exceptionally well. They are also a fabulous price on Amazon – have fun and try them!

Try this: Rogue Starter Lighting Kit

Rogue Flashbender Starter Kit

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