The Results Are In – for Episode 01

Well Episode 01 – The Sprocket Rocket was a blast! Gabriel had just a week to learn about the Sprocket Rocket – and more than that – just a week to learn all about film photography!

I’ve been using film since I got a Single Lens Reflex Camera (SLR) when I was 10 years old. Gabriel had never even handled a roll of film – and – if you’ve watched Episode 01 – didn’t even know which way up it went!

So the results are in.

Gabriel went on a tour around town, got lured into a teeth whitening experience, took a blurred selfie and had to continually stop himself from checking the back of the camera to see his latest shot – because there’s no LCD display on the back of a film camera! Here are his first ever shots on film:

They look great! Especially the accidental double-exposure because he forgot to wind the film on!

I went out with the Sprocket Rocket too. Here’s what I came back with, captured in chemistry:

Actually, that’s a bit of a cheat because I went out with a roll of colour film first and came back with nothing!

What do you think of the Sprocket Rocket? Fancy trying it out?

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